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Equipment of the communal kitchen, among others:

  • large dining table, 4 chairs

  • Dishwasher and dishwasher tabs

  • Coffee machine with thermos, coffee filter

  • Water heater

  • Toaster

  • Ceramic hob and oven

  • Fridge and freezer

  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses (including wine, champagne and beer glasses)

  • saucepans, pan, casserole dish, baking pan, pot holder, trivet,

  • Oven gloves, baking paper

  • Hand mixer, mixing bowl, measuring cup, strainer, storage boxes and bread box

  • rolling pin, can and bottle opener, cutting board and knife, square grater,

  • Peeler etc.

  • Kitchen towels, sponge cloth, dish brush, detergent

  • digital radio

  • heat detectors


You can use the washer-dryer in the kitchen for an additional charge. Price per wash load € 3 (including washing powder), price per use of the dryer € 2.


There is also a table ironing board, an iron and a small clothes horse that can be attached to the radiator .

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